1. FUCK YOU ANGELOOOO!!!! #WEHATEYOU (at David Burke Treehouse Bar)

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  2. day 96: feels like home 😃🍷#100happydays (at Lucky Strike)

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  3. day 95: I’m in Brooklyn (!) on a school night (!) for funny times at Mortified! #100happydays (at littlefield)

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  4. day 94 (yesterday): accidental 2-hour gym workout followed by finding out this amazing was is coming to a theater near you! #100happydays #stepup (at Equinox Gym)

  5. day 93: happy birthday to our fabulous and amazing team leader, @rebekahaudic! #100happydays (at Getty Images)

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  6. day 92 (yesterday): absolutely amazing weekend with my bestie @megsammor! #100happydays #nofilter (at Schooner america 2.0)

  7. WE’RE ON A (SAIL)BOAT!!! (at Chelsea Piers)

  8. day 91: his and hers @paintboxnails manis with @megsammor!! so much fun!! (at Paint Box)

  9. day 90: I love walking to work (on gym days) through the calm of soho before all the tourists wake up and crowd the streets #100happydays (at SoHo,Manhattan,New York)

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  10. day 89 (umm… sorry I fell asleep for a few days): absolutely ecstatic today to see this background, after 3 full days and about 20 attempts to restore my hard drive after it crashed on Monday. mostly just happy I figured it out myself as I was getting super frustrated and yet even more determined! #100happydays #backupyourdata

  11. day 88 (yesterday): fun times in the park followed by fun times at Flaming Saddles! #latergram #100happydays (at Flaming Saddles)

  12. playing tourist at the ESB. I ❤️NY. (at Empire State Building)

  13. day 87: gorgeous sunset and rooftop vibes at the Met. #100happydays

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  14. day 86 (yesterday): too much fun with all the Australians. no photos please. #100happydays #tomadosauce (at Automatic Slims, Nyc)

  15. day 85: finally seeing Idina!!! (aka Adele Dazeem) #100happydays #broadway (at Richard Rodgers Theatre)