1. day #3: this one was too easy. dinner. wine. sunset. beach. mountains. i might never leave Cape Town. #100happydays (at Umi)

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  2. I know it’s mean, but HAHAHAHAHA to all my friends back in nyc. #vacay #freezewatch #brbgoingtodinneratthebeach

  3. Day 2: oh hello dubai. you win prettiest baggage claim. just hangin’ out for a few hours. we’ll get to know each other better next week. #100happydays (at Dubai International Airport (DXB) مطار دبي الدولي)

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  4. Day #1: going on the adventure of a lifetime (with my new @jackspadeny tote), so figured it’s a good day to start my #100happydays (at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))

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  5. and with a Stella, my journey begins. (at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))

  6. gorgeous spring day in nyc! (at Empire State Building)

  7. 23 candles. 1 donut. happy birthday @bdnlee!!! (at Getty Images)

  8. and after working together for all of 5 days, @jasrinde and I are already dressing alike. #mygettyoffice (at Getty Images)

  9. jinny. master photographer. (at The Breslin Bar & Dining Room)

  10. vimeo:

    Tough times

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  11. and then this happened at our work party tonight ;) #Repost from @sheendoogles #HR #innapropriate #mygettyoffice

  12. rusty dot com turned 5 today! cool.

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  13. rugby and marines! (at Butler Stadium)

  14. champagne, blankets, a fire and Frozen. perfect friday night with Megan! (at Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters)

  15. bumpy entry back into nyc. I can already feel the cold and snow. can I go back to the south now?