1. day 11: dinner and drinks with my dubai colleagues followed by bottle service at this rooftop pool club? ok. if I must. #100happydays (at The DEK on 8)

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  2. day 10: not every day needs to include an extreme sport. relaxing in the pool at sunset with a cocktail. :) #100happydays (at Infini Pool Lounge at Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach)

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  3. day 9: had so much fun on the extreme ends of the spectrum today! zip lining at ski dubai in 30 degrees, then out to the dessert where it was 99 degrees! and despite it all today was a relaxing one :) #100happydays

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  4. day 8: a bit sad to leave Cape Town, but so happy for the awesome time I had with my two companions (my vespa and my gopro), and super excited for the next chapter of my adventure. off to Dubai! #100happydays (at Misty Cliffs)

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  5. oh yeah. and I almost forgot I did this earlier today. paragliding over Cape Town. nothing like running off the side of a mountain to wake you up at 8:30am! (at Signal Hill)

  6. day 7: made some cute little new friends today at Boulders Beach.#100happydays (at Boulders Beach)

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  7. step 1: walk off marked path onto tiny sketchy trail

    step 2: follow trail along cliff, constantly thinking you should turn back

    step 3: find amazingly beautiful clearing

    step 4: attach @gopro to small tree

    step 5: step to the edge of the cliff

    step 6: get rewarded with EPIC photo at Cape Point! (at Cape Point)

  8. late lunch view. how is this place even real? #capetown (at Meloncino Ristorante Italiano)

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  9. day 6: I learned to surf! sorta… awesome day at Big Bay Beach with my awesome surf instructor and pretty amazing views! #100happydays (at Big Bay Beach)

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  10. day 5: this one’s dedicated to my adorable little partner in crime during my time in Cape Town. having so much fun scootin’ around the city! #100happydays (at Table Mountain National Park)

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  11. today’s time lapse funtimes with my @GoPro: the Cape Town ferris wheel aka the “Wheel of Excellence” (at Wheel Of Excellence)

  12. day #4: great white sharks and selfies. what an amazing experience! (and for the record, the one in the top left was the “baby”) #100happydays (at Gansbaai)

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  13. Cape Town sunset (my first instavideo, and my first try at playing with my new GoPro) (at Umi)

  14. day #3: this one was too easy. dinner. wine. sunset. beach. mountains. i might never leave Cape Town. #100happydays (at Umi)

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  15. I know it’s mean, but HAHAHAHAHA to all my friends back in nyc. #vacay #freezewatch #brbgoingtodinneratthebeach